Ransel stellebord

What to pack in your diaper bag

Vi spurte kundene våre om hva de pakker i stellevesken. Her er oppsummeringen, folket har talt: Dette pakker norske foreldre i stellevesken sin.

Embarking on a stroller ride involves doing a Risk Management analysis. Because even if you do not go that far, there is an incredible amount of things to think about, and you must be prepared for everything. We have summarized a list of the most common things you need. Always prepared! Have a safe trip.

Equipment list for changing bag:

4-6 Diapers (depending on the baby)
Wet wipes
zinc ointment
Waste bags for dirty diapers
2-4 change of clothes (depending on the child)
Extra bibs (you never get enough of them bibs!)
Food/bottle/MMR  (if the baby will have more than breastfeeding)
Drinking bottle for yourself (You need a lot of water intake!)
Something easy to eat for yourself (fruit/nut bar/lunch)
Rattle/toy (a good maneuver to have when changing diapers)
Changing mat (+ a Disposable pad, or possibly swaddles)
Extra blanket/baby blanket
Pacifiers and a “cuddle”
Sunglasses for yourself

KAOS Ransel changing bag is designed as a regular backpack you can use as a changing bag. It has plenty of space and 8 pockets to make it easy to get the content in order. Among other things, a separate pacifier pocket that keeps the pacifiers in peace and stays clean, and a separate changing mat in the separate outer pocket.


When we developed the Ransel changing bag, we were interested in making a bag that we could use long after the diaper days were over. So the advantage of KAOS Ransel is that it is far more than a changing bag. And when you no longer need to pack diapers and change of clothes, you can simply remove the changing mat from your outer pocket, pack your work bag and keep your own things in order. Brilliant!

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