From trees to furniture

Making KAOS Klapp turned out to take more than 4 years, while Endeløs became a job for the embassy. Developing world-class, wooden furniture is like brain surgery.

Just as with textiles, it is important to know what you do when working with wood. When it comes to wood, the FSC certification is our core focus. The Forest Management Certification (FSC) ensures sustainable forestry and that local forests and biodiversity are safeguarded and that all farmers and workers are paid what they need at the agreed price.

It should be said that it is more expensive to produce in Europe than in Asia, but our furniture is made from Oak and Ash, of which there is much in Europe and we only work with local forestry.

Our chair manufacturer is based in Latvia with headquarters in Denmark. In addition to KAOS Klapp, they manufacture furniture for some of the world’s largest brands such as Hay and Fredrica Furniture. The manufacturer is supporting several certifications; EU Ecolabel, FSC and ISO 9001.

KAOS Klapp is also certified. It is crucial in order to distribute a high chair so you know that the high chair keeps standards with regard to safety requirements. KAOS Klapp is tested and certified by the Danish Technological Institute and complies with standards EN 14988-17 and EN 71.

Our manufacturer of Endeløs is located in Lithuania and we were set up via the Lithuanian Embassy in Norway. Our manufacturer is a delightful small brand and local player who produces its own design in addition to KAOS Endeløs.

KAOS Endeløs is certified as a vertical climbing wall in accordance with N 71-8: 2011 and EN 14749: 2016.