best i test vg

Photo: VG Family Club

VG (Verdens Gang) has carried out this year’s big test of high chairs for children! 7 high chairs were tested and are now reviewed and ranked.

As a newcomer, it was extra nerve-wracking as this highchair test became the big test for us: Does Klapp live up to expectations out there? The test is over and the answer is without a doubt YES!

Best design and 2nd place overall

KAOS Klapp is a highchair that lasts throughout the entire childhood. KAOS Klapp was awarded the best design of all the high chairs in the test and we got a big plus for our high chair being able to be folded and put away.

Minus was the lack of accessories and somewhat high price. Well, we had to make the chair before we could make the accessories and we are now in full swing to develop both harness, pillows, and a newborn seat. Everything is planning to launch Autumn 2021. When it comes to price, it is simply so that you get what you pay for; design, functionality, and high quality.

See the full test here

KAOS Klapp requires no assembly, it comes ready for use in the box. We have free shipping and fast delivery, order today and it will be delivered in 1-3 days.