KAOS at hotels, Cafes and Restaurants

We are proud to supply high chairs to some of the most chic hotels, cafes, and restaurants. This list is constantly growing, so come back soon to find more places you can visit to test KAOS Klapp.


KAOS at Villa Copenhagen

KAOS at Villa Copenhagen, Denmark

Villa Copenhagen

Tietgensgade 35-39

1704 København


United Kingdom

KAOS at Gail bakery south green

KAOS at Gails Bakery, UK

Gail’s Bakery

1 South End Road
London, NW3 2PT
United Kingdom



KAOS at Choice Hotel

Choice Hotel Amerikalinjen
Jernbanetorget 2
0154 Oslo

Choice Hotel The Hub
Biskop Gunnerus’ gate 3

Clarion Hotel Oslo
Dronning Eufemias Gate 15
0191 Oslo

KAOS at Smalhans

Smalhans restaurant

UllevĂĽlsveien 43

0171 Oslo

KAOS at Handwerk Botaniske

Handwerk Botaniske

Sars’ gate 1

0562 Oslo

KAOS at Mathallen Oslo

KAOS at Mathallen


Vulkan 5

0178 Oslo

KAOS at Hrimninr Ramen

KAOS at Hrimnir Ramen

Hrimnir Ramen

Maridalsveien 9A

0178 Oslo

KAOS at Sentralen Oslo

KAOS at Sentralen


Øvre Slottsgate 3

0157 Oslo

KAOS at Teatercafeen


Stortingsgata 24-26

0117 Oslo

KAOS at Godt brød

KAOS at Godt Brød

Godt Brød Grßnerløkka
Thorvald Meyers gate 49
0555 Oslo

Godt Brød Munch Brygge
Operagata 29
0194 Oslo

KAOS at valkyrien

KAOS at Valkyrien


Valkyriegata 3

0366 Oslo

KAOS at Baker Hansen

KAOS Klapp is available at several of Baker Hansen’s restaurants in Oslo.

KAOS at Bølgen o Moi

KAOS at Bølgen & Moi

Bølgen & Moi

Tjuvholmen allĂŠ 5

0252 Oslo

KAOS at Radisson Hotels

Radisson Blu Nydalen
Nydalsveien 33
0484 Oslo

Radisson Blu Park Hotel
Fornebuveien 80
1366 Lysaker


KAOS at fløien

KAOS at Fløien Restaurant

Fløien restaurant

Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A

5014 Bergen

KAOS at Peppes Pizza

Lyderhornsveien 351

5171 Loddefjord

KAOS at Godt brød fløyen

KAOS at Godt Brød Fløyen

Godt Brød Fløyen

Vetrlidsallmenningen 19

5018 Bergen


KAOS at Hector Trondheim

KAOS at HĂŠctor Food & Fiesta

HĂŠctor Food & Fiesta

Tmv-kaia 25

7042 Trondheim

KAOS at Godt Brød Trondheim

KAOS at Godt Brød Trondheim

Godt Brød

Lyderhornsveien 351

5171 Loddefjord

KAOS Stokkøya

KAOS at Stokkøya Strandbar

Stokkøya Strandbar

Troningveien 9

7178 Stokkøy


KAOS at støtvig hotel

KAOS at Støtvig Hotel


Larkollveien 801

1560 Larkollen


KAOS at tromsø bibliotek

KAOS at Tromsø Bibliotek

Tromsø Bibliotek

Grønnegata 94

9008 Tromsø

KAOS at Radisson Blu

KAOS at Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

Radisson blu Tromsø

Sjøgata 7

9259 Tromsø