KAOS Family Perks

Since our first post on Instagram in 2014, our customers have been the ones pushing us forward. We owe our customers a big thanks for cheering and supporting us. That's why we created the KAOS Family. As a member of the KAOS Family, you get access to unique perks.

Access to sales and unique discounts

As part of the KAOS Family, you will gain access to our sales campaigns and unique discount codes. For your eyes only, and only distributed to our subscribed Family members.

To start with, all new members get 15% on their next order by redeeming “LaFamilia” during checkout.


When we launch new products, we give all members of the KAOS Family an opportunity to buy news at a bargain price, long before they reach the shelves. You have to be patience and wait longer, but in return, you can make a bargain and be one of the first to receive the new KAOS item.

Full transparency

What is it like to be a toddler mom and work full time building your own business? How is a high chair actually made? And how do we recycle bottles into durable fabric? We do a lot of different things, most of which are fun. But it’s also damn hard work and a lot of ups and downs. We take you backstage and show you all. There’s a lot to see and learn for everyone.