KAOS Klapp saves time and space

KAOS Klapp for Hospitality

KAOS Klapp is recommended by our Hospitality partners around the world due to its space-saving capabilities, premium material and beautiful design.

Ready assembled
Open the box, fold out the chair and it's ready to use.
Foldable and only 13 cm when not in use. Insane!
-40% CO2 emission
Klapp accessories are made from recycled fishnet.

10 Klapp high chairs = 1 m2

We know your space is as valuable as your customers, and KAOS Klapp is perfect for them both. When folded, KAOS Klapp takes up no more than 13 cm of the room. It can be stacked in rows, allowing you to fit 10 high chairs in 1 m2. That’s rad!

No assembly needed. KAOS Klapp comes ready assembled in the box, ready to use. The fixed step ladders allow kids all ages to sit on it.

Klapp withstands a weight of 110 kg.

For the good of tomorrow

KAOS Klapp accessories, like the Tray, Safety Rail and Babyseat, are made form recycled fishnet from the North Sea. That means they keeop 40% lower CO2 emission in production.

The entire production is in Europe, and the chair itself has a zero waste production. Whatever is left of wood material after the chairs and hooks are made, are used to fuel the factory with heat throughout winter.

Kine Nilsen KAOS

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