Folding highchair for cafés and reataurants

The KAOS highchair is loved by cafes or restaurants all around the world. Make use of our spring campaign and save 30% on your KAOS highchair purchase order, and become one of our happy customers too!

KAOS barnestol Norby

Only 13 cm

One KAOS highchair builds only 13 cm when folded. That means you can store as many as 10 KAOS highchairs, in only 1 m2.

Spring Campaign

Join in on our Spring Campaign for Hospitality and save 30% on the KAOS highchair collection.

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Klapp Barnestol for barn i alle aldre

For 0-110 kg

The KAOS high chair is developed for the entire childhood. From Newborn and up, without no adjustments. KAOS highchair withstands the weight of 110 kilos.

kaos resirkulert plast

40% lower C02 emission!

KAOS Highchair accessories are made from 50% recycled plastics and offset 40% less C02 in production. All the wooden chairs are produced with zero waste production. Whatever is left in our wood production is used to fuel our factory during winter.

KAOS Klapp Wall hook

The KAOS Wall Hook

With the KAOS Wall Hook you can hang the highchair up on the wall, folded away and ready for the next visit.

Ready assembled in the box

Just fold out the legs, click the seat into lock, and you’re ready to welcome little guests.