KAOS Klapp folding high chair

We are proud to present KAOS Klapp folding high chair. Klapp high chair provides an active sitting position for kids from 0-7 years, allowing them to vary their leg position, like sitting in a staircase. Klapp comes ready assembled in the box and needs no adjustment with time.

Klapp high chair

Klapp accessories

KAOS wants to be the leading star guiding the way through the green shift in the baby gear industry. We are driven by innovation, and spend a lot of time on research and development. KAOS works with AION by Aker BioMarine in the development of Klapp accessories, all made from recycled marine waste. For the first batches we are using recycled fishnet, hence the hint of beautiful green.

Klapp accessories from recycled marine waste

The backgrond story

Two designer moms from Norway were looking for a beautiful, space-saving high chair that could last the entire childhood and was developed from sustainable materials. As they couldn’t find what they searched for, they decided to make the perfect high chair themselves. KAOS Klapp was developed over a period of 4 years together with eminent product designers and one of Europes best furniture manufacturers. At some point, it seemed like a mission impossible. However, in 2019 KAOS Klapp passed all the tests and requirements and was declared a fully certified high chair according to European Standards, EN 14988.

Since then, the demand for Klapp has been increasing rapidly. More variants are being added to the collection, and new accessories are being launched. We hope you find what you are looking for!


All the best,
Gineline & Mette