KAOS for the Pro's. Hotels, restaurants, cafés and daycare.

We are proud to supply some of the most hips & chic hotels, cafes, and restaurants. And some of the most up-to-date kindergartens. There’s finally a space-saving, stylish high chair in premium quality.


As we were in the development of KAOS Klapp high chair, we realized it would be the perfect high chair for the Pro market as well. so during prototyping, we went in dialogue with The Choice Hotels in Norway to make sure we truly understood their needs in a high chair, in order to facilitate this in the completion of Klapp.

KAOS Klapp is perfect for the Pro market

  • It comes ready assembled in the box
  • It fits all children (6 months-8 years).
  • It is easy to keep clean
  • It is easy to fold, and can be stacked in lines or hang on the wall
  • It is stylish as a natural part of the interior, in high quality and sustainable materials
  • It is light but robust. Klapp handles the weight of an adult

You will fit 5 Klapp high chairs in 1m2  when not in use. The safety rail (for the smallest children) is super easy to put on/remove.

Get a quote

Depending on volume we are able to supply on an immediate basis from our current stock. We can also supply custom colors upon request if you’re looking for that custom look and feel (minimum 20 units).

We supply hotels/cafes/restaurants directly, and we also work with interior architects at an earlier stage. If you’re an Interior Architect, let us send you some CAD files of Klapp and Endeløs to make your job easier when working on projects.

Contact: gineline@itskaos.com / +47 993 66 282 (9-15:00 CET on weekdays).