Welcome to The KAOS Test Family!

The Test Family Community

We launched the KAOS Test Family in 2022 to create a universe where we can systematically have parents put KAOS to the test and provide us with feedback and their honest reviews. Nothing is more important to us than customer feedback.

We’ve put together a few pinpoints to make sure all tests & reviews «follow the same procedure».

Please get familiar with the Terms and Conditions, the Feedback Form, the Perks, and fill out the form below for confirmation to become a designated KAOS Test Family!

Terms & Conditions

Our contribution

KAOS will provide you with the KAOS products to be tested free of charge, including free shipping. The KAOS products are yours to enjoy and keep forever.

Testing period

You should test your KAOS product for 14-30 days.

Your contribution

In return for free products, you’ll provide:

  1. Feedback according to this template
  2. 5-10 images and/or video
  3. Product reviews (star rating) regarding the respective product(s):
    • On Trustpilot
    • On itskaos.com (the designated product pages)

Your honest feedback is very important to us and our followers, aka like-minded parents! Write in your own language. If necessary, we’ll manage translations to English with your approval on the translation.

You can find examples of published articles from previous KAOS Test Families here.

The Feedback Form

After 14-30 days of testing, your feedback should be provided using this document, along with images and/or video.


Any content you provide will be credited your desired profile, and traffic will be linked back to you. Please state your desired social profile/handle below.

When posting Feed Post/Reels on Instagram, we’d love to do a shared collaborative post, so please plan posting with us accordingly. And we will do the same!

Usage of content

We will create an article on itskaos.com (50k monthly users), a feed post on our Instagram & Facebook (+100k followers), plus a Newsletter send-out to Club KAOS Community (+85k followers). We may use your visuals in sponsored ads online.

You must agree that we can share your content on these platforms for an unlimited of time.

The Perks

In addition to the KAOS products provided to you free of charge, you will gain access to an exclusive discount for KAOS Test Families; A 20% Family discount to be used for yourself or shared with your closest friends. Not to mention; we do our best to drive traffic back to you in order to build your follower base and profile awareness!

That’s it!

If you have any questions what so ever, don’t hesitate to reach out. And if there is product information you are uncertain about, we’re just a few clicks away!

All the best,