10 reasons why KAOS Klapp is taking over the high chair market

Imagine if we were still working on IBM stationary computers, or if we still had to call each other using landlines. Thank god for laptops and smartphones! Another example is the photo industry: there’s been a massive evolution, with Kodak resigning and Instagram taking the lead. That’s the kind of shift that happens if you’re sleeping through class.

The high chair market has not been evolving, while the world as we know it has been on speed, and new demands have emerged! A handfull of high chairs are designed to last the entire childhood, compatible with custom attachments such as a babyseat, rail and a tray. Nothing new about that.

However, when Norwegian brand KAOS added cutting-edge functionality to meet up-to-date demands when developing their award-winning high chair, KAOS Klapp – the evolution of high chairs is a fact.

1. Instant Ready-to-Use Convenience

KAOS high chair arrives fully assembled, eliminating the hassle of complex setup and allowing families to enjoy it right out of the box.

2. Long-Lasting Stability

With no need for adjustments over time, the KAOS high chair guarantees consistent and reliable performance, ensuring a safe and comfortable seating experience for years to come.

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3. Intuitive Design for All Ages

Inspired by the ergonomic elegance of a staircase, the high chair accommodates users from 0 to 110 kg, promoting a natural and comfortable sitting position that adapts effortlessly to each individual.

4. Empowering Independence

Embracing the concept of a “ladder,” KAOS high chair empowers children to climb up and down independently, fostering a sense of achievement and enhancing their self-confidence from an early age.

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5. Elegance in Simplicity

The sleek and timeless design of the high chair not only adds a touch of sophistication to any space but also makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic and visually appealing environment.

6. Space-Saving Versatility

KAOS high chair’s foldable feature allows it to be conveniently stowed away, addressing the issue of limited space and providing a practical solution to keep living areas clutter-free.

7. Enhanced Child Safety

The foldable design serves as a safety measure by preventing unsupervised climbing, a common cause of accidents with traditional high chairs, and ensuring children’s well-being.

8. Portability for Adventures

Ideal for travel and visits, the compact and lightweight nature of the folded high chair (13 cm when folded, 5 kg weight) makes it a perfect companion for families on the go.

9. Ethical Sourcing and Craftsmanship

Produced in Europe with responsibly sourced local woods and FSC certification, KAOS high chair reflects a commitment to sustainability and supports eco-friendly practices.

10. Innovative Zero Waste Approach

KAOS high chair’s zero waste production not only minimizes environmental impact but also contributes to the factory’s energy needs, showcasing an ingenious way to make the most of every resource.

Did we mention KAOS Klapp is platinum winner of “Best high chair” in Loved By Parents Award 2023? Thousands of parents around the world love KAOS high chair, and so do the children – and the environment.

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