2022, here we go!

If you say them out loud, you must work even harder to reach them.

I always found New Year Resolutions to be fun, simply because it adds some gamification to entering a new year. When little, I used to have resolutions like “No candy”, “be nice” or “walk out the garbage”. Well… Resolutions are at another level now . But New Year Resolutions are important, because, by the end of the day, they are g o a l s. And if you want to get somewhere, goals are your best friend.

So, we want to share with you our New Year Resolutions. Because once stated out loud, we need to work even harder to reach them. And as 2022 comes to an end, we will look back to see how many of our resolutions we managed to nail.

Ok, here we go. The list is long:

1. Get invited to and attend the Stormcast Podcast.

Stormcast is one of the biggest PodCasts covering business in Norway. Every now and then they invite startups and entrepreneurs to their show, and they say themselves they want to highlight female entrepreneurs that focus on innovation and sustainability and contribute to creating a positive change. We can relate to that!

2. Be featured in 3 x international magazines.

KAOS has been featured in several magazines up until now. Most of them have been Norwegian, only a few International (though good ones, like Milk Magazine). As we increase focus on our international growth, we want to be featured by at least 3 international magazines like Forbes, Fast Company, Modern Retail, Times.

3. Launch one new, groundbreaking product.

We currently have 2 rather big R&D projects going, and we want to work hard to make at least one of them happen by 2022. One is entirely new, the other is the development of an existing KAOS collection. Both projects are super exciting and will contribute to creating change in the industry.

4. Reach our growth in the turnover target.

Since 2015 we have had 100% growth in turnover. 2021 was the exception: we still saw growth, but not as much as we’re used to. This was all because of Covid and lockdowns; we only received 30% of the orders we placed with our manufacturers. Anyways, this was a lesson learned and we have prepared production a lot better for 2022. We have a target of 110% growth in 2022. That’s ambitious, I know. But it’s just how we like it!

5. Establish 10 new strategic partners.

The ones that know us, know we operate with a business model that is “direct to consumer”. That means we have a different markup model than traditional retail, for instance. Our markup does not contain any middlemen. We put the end customer in favor of all we do, to make sure the end customer doesn’t have to pay for any middlemen we can manage without. Like retailers. On the other hand, we know how important it is for a brand like KAOS to be visible, and we highly value strategic partners that can help us be more visible. That’s why we work with selected retailers. We are handpicking our retailers very carefully, and for 2022 we want to see KAOS stocked on the shelves at these selected retailers across Sweden, Denmark, UK, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands:

  • Scandibørn (UK)
  • Sprell (NO)
  • Whomb (FR)
  • Smallable (EU)

6. Employ 2-3 new people to team KAOS.

Building a business means developing an organization. Counting from January 2022 we will be four people in HQ, and during 2022 we are planning to employ 2-3 more people to help manage the growth we’re in front of. We will be looking to employ;

  • A Campaign Manager
  • An ECommerce Manager
  • An Operations Manager

If you want to consider applying for a job at KAOS and can see yourself in any of these positions, stay tuned. Or send us an open application already now so we can get you on our scouting list.

7. Reach our budget and take the team on a trip to celebrate.

We’ve never stopped celebrating once. This year, we will. Where to remains a surprise, but we will celebrate!

8. Win Red Dot for Klapp High Chair.

In 2021 we won Red Dot for KAOS Endeløs. In 2022, once Klapp is complete with the Baby Seat and Tray, we want to apply for a Red Dot for KAOS Klapp as well.

9. Win “Best Inventions” by Time Magazine.

Once Klapp is complete with Baby Seat and Tray made from recycled marine waste, we want to get on the “Best Inventions 2022” by Times Magazine for one of the following: “Design”, “Parenting”, “Style”, “Sustainability” or “Special mentions”.

10. Do more collaborations.

Like Røros Tweed x KAOS, with other large brands or major influencers. For instance, Hay. We love Hay. Collaborations allow us to do highly limited editions of an existing item, or create a brand new product (like we did with KAOS x Røros Tweed).

11. Make more out of waste.

Since 2019 we started to set out on a new path, where we make use of waste in production. Our bags are made of recycled plastic bottles from consumer waste. The Klapp Tray and Baby Seat will be made from recycled ocean waste, such as fishnet. As we keep on researching for new materials, we keep discovering new opportunities. And we want to be the leading star to create  c h a n g e  in our industry.

That’s it! We have a lot of different goals, and we are eager to get started. It’s all about focus, baby. We need to keep our eyes on the Bulls-Eye Target. And we welcome you to follow our journey next year as well.

Ready, set, go! Let’s do this! Happy New Year, everyone!