weekend bag

5 years with tweaking gives perfection

We had recently had a baby, each had a dog, and lived in an apartment without a lift. A changing bag on the shoulder and a baby on the arm were out of the question! We wanted a cool backpack that both a mom and dad could like, keeping our arms free.

And as we started to travel with children, we quickly noticed that a wheelbarrow no longer did any good. We wanted a cool and practical travel bag that gave us full control of the contents and left our arms free to handle the kids.

Thus, we made KAOS Ransel and Weekend Bag.

After 5 years on the market, there has been a lot of developments since the first versions. The timeless design is still the same, but the recycled fabric has raised the quality considerably, from cotton that they used to be made from.

In addition, we have improved details that we now look back on as necessary “growing pains”.

KAOS backpacks have never been better, and we know you’ll be nothing but happy with your KAOS backpack!

Since 2020, the Weekend Bag also has a hidden, padded zipper pocket for your laptop.