7 tips for the kids room

These tips make it easier to create a magical kids room.


1. Create a good atmosphere with colors

Feel free to let the kids choose their own wall color, but remember to limit the selection to the ones you think can work and which are a bit timeless.

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2. Keep things organized

Kids rooms are often filled to the brim with toys and stuff. If you have too much clutter, it will make it difficult for the kid to choose and to start playing. Make sure you get rid of toys that they have grown from and is no longer in use and done to others. Create enough space for the toys that your kids need right now, that engage and stimulate.

3. Encourage to play

Nice things for the kids room
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4. Physical activity is important for children

5. Make room for creativity

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6. Teach the children that everything has its own space

Teach the children where things should be and make it easy for them to join in on the clean up. Kids are good at making a mess, but they can also be good at cleaning! It’s easy to get organized if everything has its own place.

7. Create a calm and cozy sleeping environment