9 tips for you who are traveling with children this summer

Just the thought of having to take toddlers on a trip is a little scary. Whether it's your first child and your first trip, or it's your third child and you've done this before.

Young children are used to good routines in familiar and safe surroundings, and during the holidays it can be difficult to maintain just this. It can present challenges for both young and old.

We started KAOS to try to make life with small children a little easier, at the same time as we wanted to make products that we ourselves would love to use – and feel good about. We have two children each, and we have brought with us some experience when it comes to traveling with children. We have traveled by car, boat, and plane, for shorter and longer trips. We have experienced screaming on flights and vomiting children in cars. We have left the suitcase at home and discovered so half way to the airport, and we have developed inflammation of the Achilles tendon in Mallorca. We have spent 4.5 hours on a road trip that would otherwise take 1.5 hours. In any case, we are left with good travel memories, and quite a few funny stories.

Here are some tips for those of you who travel with children, from one parent to another:

1. Go on a trip! And explain the journey.

Although many are unsure of how it will go and think that it is very tiring, you will usually always create good memories on the trip (or funny stories). Tell the children about the journey and prepare them for what will happen. A long journey will be shorter if you come up with some fun things to do along the way, so the children have something to look forward to as well as some clues in relation to time.

2. Lower the expectations

Chill! You don’t have to see all the attractions or experience all the excursions when traveling with children. Have fewer plans, and be rather pleasantly surprised if you manage to implement more than you had planned to begin with.

3. Calculate enough time

One thing is for sure, things take longer when you bring children with you. Make sure you have plenty of time when there is something you need to achieve. Then you save both yourself and the children unnecessary stress and short fuses.

4. Don’t pack too much

When traveling with children, the amount of luggage is five times as large as when traveling alone. There is no way how much you have to bring with you. Pack smart, so you always know where you have the most important things. Make sure you have your hand luggage on your back so you have your hands free to help the children. The trolley case is no go.

5. Hand luggage IS your changing bag

The changing bag will be your hand luggage, so make sure you have everything in place (take into account any delays as well): wet wipes, spare pacifiers, diapers, snacks, change of clothes, changing mat, headphones, toys, tablet/iPad – and more wet wipes!

6. Note the most precious thing you have

Everyone remembers to mark the luggage, but nonone thinks about marking the children! Small children can disappear in the crowd at any airport or in a pedestrian street with shops and temptations on all sides. Make sure the kids have an ID bracelet with a phone number, or simply write the phone number on the hand or sweater of the child. You will thank yourself when the first phone call reaches you.

7. Travel trolley, sports car or baby carrier?

If you travel with small children, you are probably wondering if it is worth investion in a travel trolley that doesn’tt take up any space. Or maybe you should try a baby carrier, so you do not need a stroller at all? No. If you have finally got the hang of how to get your child to sleep during the day, then don’t change it in the middle of the holiday. If the child sleeps well in a baby carrier, then bring a baby carrier. But if the child sleeps best in the trolley, then by all means bring the trolley.

8. Keep calm

If your child should choose to burn off the entire scream quota on the flight, then try to stay calm. In fact, it is not a myth that children notice that we adults are stressed. And the looks you get from others are usually pure pity!

9. Pack a small hand luggage for the children

Make sure to have some light entertainment (crayons and sheets, puzzles), a teddy bear and a couple of the child’s favorite things in a separate small carry-on bag. It will be a life saver!

Easer travels with KAOS

KAOS Weekend Bag is designed to make it a little easier to travel with children. It is carried as a backpack and gives you your hands-free to hold on to the children. KAOS Weekend Bag is tailored for flights, and fits perfect into the cabin. It is cabin size, has a pocket for travel documents on the outside, and 1-3 sections inside for good order. It can also be opened from the top lid, so you can easily access the contents of the bag without taking it down from the cabin. Inspired by old army bags, absolutely ingenious.

KAOS Ransel Changing Bag is carried as a backpack and has 8 pockets for good organization. A separate pacifier pocket means that you always have control over where you find the vital pacifier. The changing bag holds 14 liters and it comes with a padded changing mat and a shoulder strap. The Ransel easily fits under the seat on the flight.

KAOS Mini Ransel is superb as hand luggage for the children, with room for all the critical things needed on the flight, the train or on the road trip. The matching Mini-Hipster is also ingenious to use as a toiletry bag for the children, or as a little extra pocket they can carry around their waists to collect all the little discoveries they come across on the journey.

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