The house on the water

Step into the lovely, lively home of Netherlands based Aida, aka @huisje.aanhet.water.

It’s March, and spring will be hitting us any time soon. At least up here in Norway, I recon if you live further south in Europe spring already got to you! Regardless, spring is such a lovely time, because with spring comes new life, which again means new beginnings; New sheets, a clear canvas. Get inspired by Aida aka @huisje.aanhet.water and add get on with your next interior project!

Energy and good vibes

The Spring is the perfect time to rethink your vibe and plan for a change of interior. The greatest part of all is that a makeover doesn’t need to mean a big spend og a lot of work! Color is actually one of the most powerful tools there is in order to make a big change, basically all you need is a some paint of desire and a brush.

When we first came across Aida on Instagram, we were mesmerized; A Netherlands based mom who simply manages to throw a spell on her followers with her playful interior and details. We were stoked to see that she had KAOS Endeløs in the kidsroom. KAOS Endeløs is also a detail that makes a room even more playful, and not to mention it invites the child to play and be active.

@huisje.aanhet.water is definitively a profile to follow, so head over to Instagram and follow Aida to get your daily doze of inspiration.

Aida - Endeløs wall bar KAOS

Photo: Aida / @huisje.aanhet.water

Eye candy to climb on

KAOS Endeløs is developed for kids, and to allow them to get a sturdy grip with their little hands on the smooth ribs. It’s certified to withstand 100 kg, which means two children can climb on Endeløs at the same time, and monkey around. Yet it’s a beautiful addition to any room, with its timeless, award-winning design.

Climbing is a great activity to let kids burn some serious energy. And it helps develop gross motor skills, allowing them to get a great feeling of mastery. And and with the various accessories and flexible modules, KAOS Endeløs will be relevant for a lifetime.