"They tried to bury us – they didn't know we were seeds" 🌱

The end of a year out of the ordinary marks a new era for KAOS.

Home office, home school, endless restrictions. 2020 came out of nowhere and set a new standard for everyone. We hope you have managed well.

It has been tough to have your own business. Everything has felt so… insecure. We have worked from hand to mouth, from day to day and month to month. We quickly learned there were no good compensation enrolments for such as KAOS; a small business in growth. When you have your own business with very few resources, you can’t just take time off due to homeschooling, or report sick if you are ill. Then everything stops.

So in 2020, we have had to take greater chances. Looking back, it almost feels like luck, but we know it’s because we’ve worked harder than ever. In 2020, we have made some of our largest investments, such as a new global e-commerce platform and the development of a newborn seat for Klapp, which we will launch this spring. We’ve also spent the year well, setting a course for the open sea so we can take KAOS to the world. These have been costly, time-consuming processes, but it marks a new era for us.

Some issues are good

To afford all the investments, we had to raise money. 2020 actually started with a share issue. In retrospect with Covid-19 as part of the history, we can thank higher powers that this year got off to such a good start. The share issue gave us funds for investments for further growth, it enabled us to survive a global pandemic. With our new eCommerce platform in place, we have gained access to a large, global market. In 2020, we can look back on over 100% growth compared to 2019. Sales abroad have grown the most, and it’s a good sign that the hard work we do is not in vain. We are so immensely grateful for and proud of this.

Thank you!

We have much to be thankful for. We lost the opportunity to throw a crazy 5-year anniversary party (rain check!), but that means nothing when we have customers like you! Thank you for shopping at KAOS. Thank you for all the photos that are shared on Instagram. And for all good feedback, there’s no better salary for the effort we put down. Thanks for your constructive feedback and honest opinions, it keeps us sharp and makes us better.

We are getting ready for some days off with family and cohorts and will give ourselves a well-deserved break. But with so many exciting projects in the loop and our new course set, we are really looking forward to embarking in January!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and
all the best for the new year 🥂

Stay safe!

Gineline and Mette 🥰🥰