Announcement: We're expecting!

We are thrilled to share an exciting secret with you: KAOS is about to welcome a new addition to the KAOS Klapp Collection! After two years of dedicated work on our most significant innovation project to date, we are now in the "third trimester" of product development and can feel the impending "birth" of this exciting addition.

Dear customers, followers & friends

The past couple of years have been a challenging journey due to the impact of COVID on wood product manufacturing. KAOS saw a significant surge in demand for our Klapp high chairs during the pandemic, but the shortage of wood supplies in Europe made it impossible for us to meet the demand. This was a tough situation for all, and one we hope to never encounter again.

Nonetheless, reflecting on the pandemic, we can proudly say that it made us stronger. Amidst the challenges, we gained clarity and seized an opportunity to innovate and rethink our approach with a deep love for design and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We initiated a new KAOS R&D project, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

The new member of the Klapp collection will be available for pre-order before Christmas, with deliveries scheduled for February 2024.

We are eagerly looking forward to unveiling our new product, which will make the Klapp collection accessible to even more parents around the globe!

A new star is born

The next KAOS Klapp Family Member will blend beautifully in with the current award-winning collection. It keeps pushing forward sustainable innovation, it represents cutting-edge features and will allow even more parents around the world to embrace the Klapp Collection.

New times need new solutions. We’ll keep our promise to set a completely new standard for the industry – and for you as our customer, and a consumer.

Setting a new standard

Since the launch of KAOS Klapp in 2019, Klapp has been embraced and is loved by tens of thousands of parents around the world with it’s sleek design and cutting-edge functionality. It’s even stated to be the Children’s and The Environments Favorite highchair!

In 2022, The Klapp Family was increased with beautiful attachments made from recycled plastic waste: The Klapp Safety Rail, Klapp Tray and the Klapp Babyseat.

Test Families Wanted

During the next month, we will start looking for 50 Test Families for our new product. Register to our Newsletter list to be in the loop, and to know more.