Christmas gifts for toddler families

Here are our best Christmas gifts ideas for toddler families! KAOS makes life easier, and these Christmas gifts can easily be clicked home from the couch. Order now, and you get the Christmas gifts delivered in 1-3 days!

High chair for the entire childhood

KAOS Klapp is our great pride. The high chair that lasts throughout childhood, comes ready assembled and needs no adjustment. Klapp is designed for active children. Easily folded and put away, super convenient to bring on a visit.

The only high chair that fits under the Christmas tree, folded and ready for use!

A gift for the youngest

KAOS X RØROS Tweed is a 100% Norwegian collaboration, Norwegian design, and Norwegian production. A beautiful and stylish baby blanket (67×100 cm) in 100% lambswool.

Rydd opp pĂĽ 1-2-3

All orphanages have toys – a lot of toys. The toys are everywhere and parents spend a lot of time cleaning up after the children have gone to bed. KAOS Samlesak makes it easy to clean up. Simply swoop The Samlesak together, and it fits just as well in the living room as in the children’s room.


The KAOS backpack is loved by tens of thousands of parents

KAOS Ransel is a baby changing bag, yet developed to last much longer than the diaper days. It fits just as well on the stroller as for work. Developed from recycled plastic bottles, durable and super stylish and unisex.

The Weekend Bag for any occasion

We developed the KAOS Weekend bag to make it easier to travel with small children. You have your arms free, and the interior compartments make it easier to get an overview of small clothes. It is cabin size and super stylish!

This is a bag we use all the time, way beyond weekends. The KAOS Weekend Bag is perfect when going to baby swim, as your gym bag, or when the children are going to stay overnight at granny’s house. It’s even perfect when we need to bring a little extra one day.

The Weekend Bag has a separate, padded PC pocket in the back.



Wall bar for Christmas

This wall bar is not just any wall bar. KAOS Endeløs is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2021, and with good reason. With this wall bar, the children get to unfold physically indoors and experience a great feeling of mastery. Furthermore, when the children no longer want to climb, it can easily be turned into a desktop station or brilliant, decorative storage.

Kids backpack and Kids hip bag

KAOS Mini-Ransel kids backpack was developed when we had children in the kindergarten ourselves. It was important that the backpack had a perfect fit, with comfortable padding in the shoulder straps and a chest buckle that made the backpack not slip down from the shoulders. In addition, it was important to have a good sitting pad, because in Norway we are after all hikers.

The Mini-Hipster bag is a cool additional product, children love to collect stones and other treasures they find on their way, and the Mini-Hipster is a great place to store them little discoveries.

You can never have enough soft cloths

This pack of 3 soft muslins is made of 100% bamboo, and highly compatible with sensitive baby skin.

On-the-go changing table!

You never know when you will need to change your next diaper, but you know you will need to change it often! Be prepared! With KAOS Diaper Clutch, you have a mobile changing table with you wherever you go.