Club KAOS: Flash Sale 28-30 April

We’re throwing a private Flash Sale (worldwide, this time) to all members of Club KAOS with up to 50% of classic favorites.

That’s right. For 3 days you can access a private Flash Sale for Club KAOS members only. Not registered yet? Then make sure to do so now, otherwise you’ll miss the invite.

How it works

1. You need to be registered for Club KAOS
2. On Wednesday 28 April, Club KAOS members will receive a link to the secret shop. There will be discounts of up to 50% on classic favorites.
The private Flash Sale ends at midnight on April 30.

Sign up and wait for the invite on 28 April

The background

Because of Covid, the overall sales of weekend bags and backpacks have been lower than expected. Not so strange, we haven’t been allowed to go anywhere! No weekend trips, no meeting with friends, no going to the gym, or sending kids off to sleepover. Man!
Bottom line: Covid has caused us to now have more inventory than usual and we need to empty some of it in order to keep the wheels going. This is more important to us than ever because we are about to invest a lot in molds for the Newborn Set and the new Tray/Rail for our beloved Klapp high chair.
And now that the world is opening up again, it couldn’t be better timing to get yourself some KAOS. Vaccines are happening. And we will take back weekends and visit friends and family – and we’ll go on loads of adventures.
Don’t miss out! Sign up for Club KAOS today, and stay tuned for the link to our secret shop.