Supply & Operations Manager (Oslo)

KAOS is experiencing strong international growth. We need more talented people who want to help us in building a new industrial adventure.

We are looking for a Supply Chain Operations Manager with good financial flair; an enterprising and structured person with good commercial and financial understanding. Work place is in Oslo, Norway.

You must be driven by building a business, and enjoy a rather high speed. KAOS is on a global growth journey and our value points are as clear as our ambitions are high. Joining a rather small team at this point is a rare opportunity, but it means that in addition to managing your own responsibility in the organization, you’ll be helping out your fellow colleagues whenever necessary.

As our Supply Chain Operations Manager, you will be responsible for KAOS operations. You will, among other things, be responsible for production, inventory, logistics, agreements and finances in close collaboration with our CEO and Head of Sales. You will optimize processes and ensure efficiency and profitability.

You will be involved in strategy, budgeting, price strategy and negotiations related to production and distribution. You will be a key person and an important advisor to both the Board and the Management Group. Together, we will work to ensure that the company can scale the business nationally and globally with as good profitability as possible.

A street smart, structured peoples’ person

As a person, you must be empathetic, inclusive and love to work in a team. You inspire, engage and motivate others, and appear as a driving force for others. You must be accurate, while having great capacity and being efficient both in a team and alone. We are looking for someone with entrepreneurial skills, who is able to develop the position to become the engine of the business in the organization. You must crave for good results and be ready for high speed, because KAOS has high ambitions.

At KAOS, you will work with some of Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers, some of the world’s largest B2B players in the baby gear industry as well as recognized Horeca players at an international level.

In 2023, KAOS will launch a total game changer. This is a project in which you will take great part, and great pride. Together we will  find new ways and launch a product the world has not yet seen.

Here's your typical day:

  • Grab yourself a good cup of coffee
  • Ensure good financial management
  • Optimize purchasing in collaboration with the CEO and Head of Sales
  • Optimize supplier agreements and contribute to negotiations towards production and distribution
  • Go for lunch, smalltalk, tell a joke. (Or at least laugh at ours!)
  • Ensure cost efficiency and high quality in all stages from production to distribution
  • Work closely with the team to ensure overall growth and profitability
  • Perhaps more coffee. Or tea. There’s snacs in the fridge, btw!
  • Identify operational improvements and contribute to solving these through innovative solutions, partnerships and efficient processes
  • Ensure a good financing plan in close cooperation with the CEO
  • Every now and then, have a beer. Good job!

Background and qualifications

  • Higher education in economics, with good academic results
  • Minimum five years of relevant work experience
  • Good understanding of online shopping
  • Knowledge and interest in production and trade
  • Experience from improving and simplifying processes
  • Have good digital understanding
  • In-depth knowledge of Excel/Numbers/Google Docs
  • Fluent spoken/written English
  • Experience with Centra and Ongoing is an advantage, but not a prerequisite
  • Experience with 24/7 Office is an advantage, but not a prerequisite
  • Experience with personnel management is an advantage, but not a prerequisite

What we offer

  • Market adapted conditions
  • A central role in the company with great opportunity for influence on the company’s strategy, processes and results
  • A small but exceptionally good team that has an enormously high capacity and oozes of good energy
  • A great opportunity to develop your own role in the team and organization
  • A unique environment with a focus on innovation, circular economy and sustainability
  • A rare opportunity to take part in building a new, Norwegian industrial adventure
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About KAOS

KAOS was launched in 2015 by Gineline Kalleberg and Mette Hansen in Oslo, Norway, and is today a recognized brand, with 60% of turnover from global markets. KAOS operates in the sweet spot where timeless design meets functional needs, and supplies essential products to parents. KAOS designs, develops and imports its own products and distributes through its own channels as well as B2B. KAOS thus handles the entire value chain from A-Z. KAOS has both obtained an international patent for its smart solutions and has been honored with international design and innovation awards for its design.

KAOS is also known for its sustainability innovation, and aims to be a leading star for the rest of the industry. KAOS increasingly focuses on circular solutions and sustainable materials to minimize the footprint in production.

If you would like more information about this exciting role or the emerging company, please contact Mette Bordal Hansen (CEO/co-founder, +47 90 59 61 30) or Gineline Kalleberg (CMO/co-founder, +47 99 36 62 82).