Design the next Ransel: The Finalists!

We have received so many good design suggestions for the next KAOS Ransel. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed with their suggestions, we really appreciate that. We have picked out some of the favorites and will choose one of these. Scroll to the bottom and help us decide!

Finalist no 1

KAOS Ransel Rust red – black leather – matt black metal.

We love this combination. So down to earth, but the black details give it some nice attitude. It’s higlhy compatible and fits most. A beautiful blush to your stroller, and a good friend to keep your back for years to come.

Many thanks to Therese for this suggestion!

Finalist no 2

KAOS Ransel in Teracotta – natural leather – silver brass metal parts.

This combination is super delicate, feminine, and gorgeous. Natural warm colors combined with some lovely silver details. We love!

Many thanks to Siri for this suggestion.

Finalist no 3

KAOS Ransel with Tartan blue/green – natural leather – silver brass metal parts.

What an exciting suggestion! This is inspired by the old backpacks from the ’60s. With KAOS’s own blue and green tones, it becomes a bit more modern in expression. Both nostalgic and cool.

Thank you so much for the suggestion, Alexandra!

Finalist no 4

KAOS Ransel in Caramel, natural leather, peach webbing.

This one is just completely unique! Delicious caramel combined with a peach-colored webbing gives this one a great and wonderful personality.

Thank you so much for the suggestion, Anne Mari!

Logo label in the rainbow

We have received several inquiries regarding honoring rainbow children. We think that was a great suggestion! The proposals were to embroider a rainbow in the textile, put on a pin, or something similar. But what do you think about a logo made in the colors of the rainbow? We think that can be cool!

Thanks for the great suggestions Ida, Ane, and Cathrine!