Design the next Ransel

It’s time for us to start preparing the next version of Ransel, and we want your help to design it! Follow the steps below, and when you’ve made up your mind, send us your input or sketches by email – linked at the bottom of this article.

1. Choose the colour of the main fabric

First, you need to decide the main color of the fabric. The fabric can have a solid color, or it can be a pattern (like the LEO backpack). How do you want it to be?

You can either describe the color or the pattern as precisely as you can in words (please add some references and pics). Or if you have any design skills, please send us your drafts and sketches.


2. Choose the colour of the leather details

The leather details on Ransel come from is vegetable tanned and keeps natural colors, but you can choose from different shades. The leather will gain a beautiful patina over time.

If you rather wish to use PU (Polyurethane = imitated leather) rather than genuine leather, tell us! PU is a vegan, sustainable material that looks like leather and comes in various colors. We already use PU on our Mini-Ransel backpacks, for the record.

3. Choose the finish of the metal parts

The details are not the details, they make the design. The custom-made metal triangles on each side are perfect when you want to hang your backpack on a stroller, or you want to carry it as a messenger bag with the belonging shoulder strap.

The metal can be golden brass, silver brass, rose gold, or any other color. What finish would you want on the next Ransel? Please note the finish you choose will be applied to all metal parts: the triangles, the zippers, and all the buckles.

4. Send us your design & input

Once you’ve made up your mind and you’ve got all the details in place, send us your design and input by email. Remember to be as precise you can in wording, add pics and visuals for references and if you have any design skills; send us your drafts and sketches.


If some of your design is used, you will be first in line + get a 50% voucher. If we use your entire design for the next Ransel, we will honour you by naming the Ransel after you, and you will receive a one-time-payment of 500 EUR.