Gift Guide 2020

Brilliant gift ideas for expecting and toddler families.


To the expecting, and toddler parents

KAOS Ransel is a changing bag that you can use long after the diaper days are over. 14 L volume and 8 pockets give you full control when out and about with the little one. Hangs just as well on the stroller as on your back. Developed in recycled material which is durable, water-proof, in a matte, cotton-like finish. Beatiful.

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The gift for the entire family

KAOS Samlesak is absolutely brilliant and a must-have for any home where toddlers live. Developed in GOTS certified cotton and clean design, the Samlesak is just as nice in the living room as in the kids’ room. A handle makes it easy to carry, so you can bring along toys on visits.

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The Christmas gift for those who have everything.

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Christmas gift for kids 1-5 years

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A Christmas gift for the entire family

KAOS Endeløs is designed to grow with the family, but never goes out of style. Transform it from a fun climbing wall to an ingenious desktop station and decorative storage unit. Comes flat packed and is ready assembled in 10 minutes.

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Barnestol klapp

The Christmas gift from grandma and grandpa

Or the perfect gift TO grandparents! KAOS Klapp is a super stylish, foldable high chair for kids 6 months to 8 years. It comes ready assembled and folds away if you need to get it out of sight. Then again, Klapp is so beautiful you won’t mind keeping it around the table at all times.

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KAOS X Røros Tweed baby blanket in 100% Norwegian lamb wool

Beautiful wool blanket for baby in 100% new and pure wool from Norwegian lambswool. The wool blankets are a collaboration between KAOS and Røros Tweed, only available at KAOS.

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Diaper clutch and super soft muslins

Our sassy diaper clutch! Fill it up with your changing essentials and get the ultimate toolkit to change diapers on-the-go. In perfect combination with our new super soft muslins in 100% bamboo.

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