Good reasons to get wall bars for your home

The wall bar is traditionally a big, lumpy thing meant for gymnastics and physical treatment. A wall bar is not particularly aesthetic, but it is incredibly iconic. Personally, we love the wall bars and everything it represents. After we got children, we see tremendous value in everything it contributes to and we wanted to give them ribs a new and deserved place at home.

We had some simple requirements: Our wall bars should be modern and suit both the children’s room and the living room. And it should have the ability to develop in line with the child. Because we hate to have made holes in the walls, mounted a cool wall bar that the child uses for a shorter period of time – then the wall bars suddenly becomes useless.

That doesn’t happen with KAOS Endeløs. Thanks to the modular system and all the custom-made accessories, you can revitalize your wall bar again and again.

The picture above: KAOS Endeløs wall bars (vertical set up) x 2. The modules are connected to give double width (120 cm). Kids love to climb up and get their own books!

Develops as the child grows

KAOS Endeløs consists of modules of 60×60 cm. A wall bar you typically have at home will be the vertical set up. The vertical set up consist of 3 modules mounted over each other. But, in theory, you can build as many modules as you wish, in the height and width. Easy to expand and grow with time.

This makes KAOS Endeløs unique and we received a patent on the way you connect the modules. From being a wall bar you can easily transform into a bookshelf, a desktop station, a laptop table, a hat rack, a shoe rack or a headboard mounted horizontally over the bed – you name it. The name Endeløs came from itself – it’s only you who set the limit for what it can be used for.

Tailored accessories

With the textile accessories, you can use the wall bar at home to store toys, books, magazines, mittens, hats or whatever you need to store. And add some DIY skills on top and you got yourself going!

We have initially made a wall bar you can have at home, for the kids. The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends children to be at least 60 minutes active every day, and although there are many children who are particularly active in the kindergarten, they are often seated when they come home. KAOS Endeløs is carefully designed as a wall bar for your home, somewhat more petite and slim (60 cm) than the wall bars you know from the gym (typically 80 cm). The ribs on KAOS Endeløs are also completely round and provide an incredibly good grip for children’s hands. There are no sharp edges. KAOS Endeløs wall bar is certified according to EN 71-8: 2011 and EN 14749: 2016. It handles 100 kg of load when mounted as a wall bar resting against the floor.

KAOS Endeløs