Got a Klapp Safety Rail from 2019?

Did you purchase a Klapp Safety Rail in 2019? Then you should already have received an email from us.

In May’19, The Swedish “Konsumentverket” executed control of high chairs available on the Swedish market. KAOS Klapp was one of these chairs, and that one chair they tested was reported to have a faulty button on the webbing strap that came with the Safety Rail.

Konsumentverket did not notify us about this report until December’19, 8 months later. The moment we became aware we put all resources into solving the problem and within 5 days we had fixed the issue.

You can find the report in this article, listing all chairs involved and the points that were marked on the various chairs.

Better late than never

Luckily, the control made us aware that some of the webbing straps that come with the Klapp Safety Rail seemed to have a 10 mm displacement of the button on the strap. This caused some of the straps to be 10 mm looser. We’re happy to have been part of the control so that we discovered this as quickly as we did. It means there are not many chairs with a faulty button in circulation and it’s easy for us to follow through and correct what needs to be corrected.

However, we wish Konsumentverket had notified us a lot sooner than 8 months after the test was executed. if so we could have been able to fix this issue a lot sooner.

Regardless of some faulty buttons, we saw this as a great opportunity to redesign the webbing strap, in general, to make it even easier to manage. And to be on the safe side we’re sending a new and better webbing to ALL customers that have purchased a Safety Rail during 2019. Safety rails produced in 2020 already have the new strap.

The new webbing strap was sent by post to all private online customers (Norway + abroad) from our offices in Oslo on March 6th with instructions of what to do. An email has also been sent to the ones it counts for.

If you purchased a Klapp Safety Rail from one of our retailers, like Babyshop, please note we are sending new straps to our retailers these days. The retailer you purchased from will be in touch with you shortly and will make sure you get the new webbing strap.

Meanwhile, we hope you like the new and redesigned webbing strap – even easier to manage, for your convenience.

If you want to read the report and see all the high chairs included in the control, please download the report here. (In Swedish only).

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help!