Recycled, timeless, practical and cool.

Something new, something being discountinued. Regardless; things you need and will love for years to come. And not least: Good choices, in these crazy times. Prices have already been adjusted in the webshop and last until November!

Offers are not applicable on pre-orders.

Final chance!

Save up to 50% on selected items, Trooper. Limited stock – Shop before they’re gone!

Free GIFT with KAOS Klapp*

*Buy Klapp High Chair, and get a Green Rail and a Green Tray for free (valued at EUR 199,-) or a Green Babyseat. The green accessories are made from 50% recycled fishing nets cleaned up from the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea, the products have 40% lower CO2 emissions in production.

As per 21/11-23, Oak Natural and Beech Natural bundles are now sold out. Natural Oak and Natural Beech high chairs are available on pre-order, delivery early December. Recycled accessories are available individually at a 25% discount.

Recycled Accessories: Save 25%!

KAOS Klapp Tray, Rail and Babyseat are made from 50% recycled plastics and keep 40% lower CO2 emission in production. The Babyseat can be used from 0-9 kg, and the Rail is for when the child can sit up unaided (usually 6-8 months), and up to 36 months. Match with your desired Klapp high Chair!


Designers favourite: Save 25%

The wooden Rail for KAOS Klapp will be discontinued, so if you want the classic combination of the wooden Klapp chair and matching wooden Rail, listen up: buy now, before the wooden Rail is sold out!

Buy Klapp High Chair including wooden Rail in the box, and save 25% on both.

Save up to 50% on KAOS Backpacks

KAOS Ransel and KAOS Weekend Bag are your new best friends through toddlerhood. They keep you sharp, make you street smart, and give you 100% control when all life is just… well, chaos.