Green for a good reason

It’s a Game Changer.

When we launched KAOS it was because of two main reasons, 1: We wanted to design products that would make lives with kids a bit easier while allowing us to keep our style and identity, and 2: We wanted to make products that were produced responsibly, would last through several phases of life and could withstand the test of time. 

To be honest, we think it’s weird to make products for kids without truly caring for their future. As producers, it’s our duty to make sure we produce with as low an environmental footprint as possible. We are determined for KAOS to make a difference, and we are working to innovate in order to change the entire industry.

Ghost fishing

One thing we’re obsessed with is putting a stop to the supply of new resources such as oil-based plastics. There is too much plastic flooding around and action is needed. As we started to dig into the plastic economy in the world, we learned that marine waste and ghost fishing are some of the biggest problems. Ghost fishing happens when fishing nets are discarded or lost in the ocean. Lost nets float around and trap more marine life, the nets sink and allow scavengers to feast on their kill. Empty ghost nets resurface and continue catching new prey. It’s awful.


While researching further on how we could contribute to reduce ocean waste, we came across AION by Aker BioMarine. AION works to establish a global, circular plastic economy, where all materials are traceable and recyclable. AIONxKAOS were perfect for each other, and Klapp accessories are the first offspring of our collaboration.

Green with good reason

Klapp accessories are developed from 50% recycled fishing nets that has been collected from the oceans, from post-industrial waste. Prevented from becoming Ghost Fishnets. For that reason the products are green. Each piece is unique and comes with a story from the sea. The remaining 50% is virgin PP (plastic), we simply need to mix with new PP to reach the desired strength and stiffness that such products need to obtain. All products have been certified according to European standards.

Send them back to us

AION can trace each batch of fishing net back to its origin, and we can trace all products back to each batch. That means the products can be recycled, and the material is so solid it can be recycled up to 9 times before the material loses its properties. This means that the product’s has a life span of well over 100 years. Imagine that! The footprint will keep being lower and lower every time it’s recycled. 

May the hint of green remind you about your good choice. Klapp accessories are setting a new standard. They’re a game changer. And remember; when you’re done using them, we’d love to take them back, either for second hand sales or for full recycling, if needed.