Becoming a parent can be both overwhelming and challenging. The new existence is not always the way one has envisioned. It’s smart to get some heads up along the road. The days need a new structure and there is a lot of new things to relate to. What do you need before, during and after birth? And how is this overwhelming journey of becoming a mom? Here is Anniken’s journey and some good tips along the way.

Name: Anniken

Age: 33 years

Children: Big brother 3 years and little brother 4 months

About being a mom.

Trust your own instinct, and don’t be afraid to do something wrong. You know your own baby best. That mother instinct is for real! There really is no facet when it comes to babies and children. Just keep calm, don’t be afraid of “missing out on something”. It can be a huge transition to not do as much social as you may be used to, or have time for yourself. When the baby starts to have proper sleeping routines, you need to stay home early every evening. And remember, it’s such a short time they are so small! Time flies by. And with child number 2 everything just goes even faster and your first baby suddenly becomes a really big boy or girl! So enjoy and appreciate the little unique experiences with the little ones.

What is the most necessary equipment one should have in place before birth?
Baby Clothes

You need the “basic” of clothes: body, plush, tights. Wool is always good, especially here up north. Something we use a lot is also overalls with feet. I recommend to generally get products and things you think are nice! It actually makes the job and care easier. When you have to change the baby clothes for the 3rd time due to gulp or poop it makes the job a little nicer when you look forward to putting on something nice afterward.

Fine cloth in bamboo/mussel

Muslin blankets

Soft and delicious muslin blankets. We use it a lot to tuck the baby in. It can be used for several years when the blanket is large enough.

Knitted wool blanket

Home knits are cozy! I’m more fond of using blankets than duvets, both in the stroller and the crib. Especially for the first few weeks. I have more control over blankets since they have more holes/air if the baby gets it over the face/head, rather than a heavy and tight duvet.

Bedside bed

Baby Nest

There is an incredible variety, choose one you like.

Bouncer is a must.

We have from the brand Babybjörn.

A nice changing bag

It has to be with you everywhere the next year. Of course, recommend KAOS Ransel!


With a support slide, we have one from Stokke.


Buy the stroller you want, even if it costs a few more extra dimes. At least if you plan to have more children in the near future. If you choose a stroller that you actually don’t want and you’re not completely satisfied with it, you may want to buy the “expensive” wagon for child number 2. So, in the long run, it is better to buy the expensive stroller. You will use the stroller A LOT and for a long time so don’t let the price be an annoyance. There are enough struggles and stresses in everyday life with toddlers already! We decided on Bugaboo Buffalo and are very pleased. This is also one of the strollers that takes the least space when it is folded up and going into the car.

When everything is in place and the waiting time is over, it should be born! Then it is important to have the food bag ready!

I have a green KAOS Weekend bag that I used as a birth bag. Love the color and the leather details. It’s comfy to wear on my back and I really like the inside compartments.

I packed more than I needed. But it is always nice to have options! In any case, I brought what I figured was most comfortable to wear at the hospital. After my first birth, I realized it takes some time to “get back to normal” so this second time I packed soft and large clothes. I loved my long jeans shirt, it’s lovely and easy to breastfeed with. And the jeans shirt is always nice, it works with sweatpants too.

Panties – many panties are smart to have. It is not always the panty or “diaper” you get in the hospital that will do the trick, and you need a lot of shifts.

Breastfeeding bra – more than one!

Socks. Or slippers. I recommend wool socks!

Candy, fruit and lots of biscuits.

A large drinking bottle. I have had my Camelback on both births, both during birth and the time after when in hospital. You are often very thirsty, and it does not help with the small glasses you find in the hospitals. The Camelback bottles are easy to drink from when lying down plus they are easy to fill up with ice cubes.

A birth must be the greatest experience in the whole world. How was yours?

I had two very long and hard births. Both were born as stargazers, so it was tough on me. I spent a very long time gaining each cm. Quite sick to look back on! I felt like I was in hell for 30 hours.

My experience has resulted in some tips: Don’t plan your birth too much, don’t think about it. What happens, happens and the body controls itself. At a point, you will think you can’t handle it anymore, but the female body is amazingly strong. One survives even if it feels like there really is no end to it.

That being said, I want to give all honor to my husband who was present during my births. Especially the last birth. My husband admittedly didn’t have the pain, but he was really involved. With every single breath. The world’s best supporter. I couldn’t do it without him.

Finally home with a newborn baby, the vibration is on the wallpaper. What does one bring?

I always pack in my KAOS Ransel. I have the one that is in leather. You must always bring diapers and some extra clothes for the baby. The few times I haven’t packed anything extra, you can be sure I have needed a shift! More diapers, wipes, clothes, changing mats (already included in KAOS Ransel), rattle, drinking bottle for mother and an apple or something. My mobile, money and crochet-gear.