KAOS + AION = ♻️🤝

A collaboration that not only defines a new chapter for KAOS but will have a major impact on the entire industry.

Super proud to announce our agreement with AION and Aker BioMarine!

Through its work with circularity on its own plastic waste and biological production residues, Aker BioMarine has built the business concept AION, Greek for ‘eternity’. AION will offer circular solutions in the global market and develop products through production, design and product development.

Together we will, among other things, create the world’s most sustainable high chair for the entire upbringing – and we can not wait to show you the first results!

The first product to emerge from the collaboration will be a tray and rail for Klapp high chair, which is expected to be launched before Christmas 2021, closely followed by Klapp’s Newborn seat.