KAOS today announces that the initiative with Bergen Carbon Solutions and Aker BioMarines’s AION to develop and produce carbon-negative baby gear has been awarded a grant from Regional Research Funds in Norway (RFF).

“We’re super excited! Being on a mission to change the baby gear industry, this project illustrates the beginning of a new era,” says Gineline Kalleberg, co-founder of KAOS.

KAOS, Bergen Carbon Solutions, and Aker BioMarines’s AION have been awarded an RFF research grant for the development and production of carbon-negative baby gear. AION by Aker BioMarine is working on recycling plastic from industrial waste and aims to industrially scale a circular plastic economy. Bergen Carbon Solution is producing carbon nanofibers from CO2.

The project is developed and managed by KAOS, an Oslo-based design- and online retail company.

The ambition of the research project is to develop carbon-negative baby gear using recycled plastic from industrial waste, reinforced with carbon nanofibers.

“We’re excited to announce this joint development project with KAOS and AION, targeting to develop and produce green baby gear with a negative carbon footprint, highlighting the versatile applications for Bergen Carbon Solutions’ green carbon nanofiber,” says CEO Jan B. Sagmo.

The project will commence in the fourth quarter of 2021.


For additional information, please contact:

Gineline Kalleberg, CMO, gineline@itskaos.com +47 993 66 282

Mette Hansen, CEO, mette@itskaos.com, +47 905 96 130

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