KAOS Endeløs is a modular wall bar system – which can turn into so much more than a wall bar! It is a sustainable choice whether you want to decorate the kidsroom or living room with a functional and attractive furniture.

Endeløs consists of modules with ribs (60×60 cm) that one can combine and mount in many ways. The modules can be mounted both horizontally and vertically onto each other or be used single. with our without accessories. We sell them in different set ups to make it easy: the certical set up (aka the wall bar), the horisontal set up (aka the shelf unit) and the single module. They can be used alone as they come or you can mount them onto each other in various ways. It’s a highly dynamic furniture, possibilities are endless.

Here you see how it looks when Marie with us combined two vertical set ups but connected them horizontally onto each other.

On the one side, Marie has added various Endeløs accessories: textile shelf, organizer and storage bag, as well as the table top. The table top stands on a height that fits KAOS Klapp’s highchair. The tabletop can easily be put at any height. The same goes for the textile accessory.

To build this set up you’ll need:

2 vertical set ups
1 tabletop
1 organizer
1 shelf
1 storage bag
For more inspiration on how to use KAOS Endeløs, check out #kaosendeløs on Instagram. Here you will find over 300 posts from people who have installed KAOS Endeløs at home. Incredibly many cool ways to use them!