Why did we make KAOS Endeløs?

We grew up in the 1980’s having wall bars in our house. They kept us active indoors and helped fine tune our gross motor skills. Like mini-acrobats! After becoming parents we know the importance of encouraging kids to be active.


Use & discard mentality among parents

We also know that wall bars often become useless when kids grow older. In fact, we’ve learned that parents have extra tendency to “use & discard” things simply because kids grow too fast into new phases, forcing products to loose relevance too quickly. This whole “use & discard mentality” is ruthless. And it’s why we came to establish KAOS back in 2015.

team kaos

KAOS was established in 2015

After becoming parents we set out on a mission to develop a sustainable, Scandinavian design for everyday life with kids. KAOS develops high quality, functional products you can keep using regardless of the kids. We have successfully launched 8 products since then all of which are developed for kids but designed for you. We currently serve worldwide customers from our webshop as well as retailers in 18 countries and growing.

What if we could turn wall bars into a functional furniture?

It would be sustainable, ergonomic and stylish, developed for modern families and homes. Together with clever product developers at Permafrost Design Studio we have developed KAOS Endeløs. The idea is rather simple: by approaching wall bars as a functional furniture rather than a gym equipment, the possibilities become endless.