We're changing the industry.

This has been our greatest ambition and biggest investment yet. And you know what? We did it!

Two years ago, our sales were peaking as we entered Covid. Then, like everyone else working with wood through the pandemics,  we experienced the worst supply chain issue ever; wood supply in Europe failed. And we ended up struggling to serve the full demand for KAOS Klapp high chair.

At the same time, we were in development of the Recycled Plastic Attachments for KAOS high chair. We had spent years researching on recycled plastics that would be compatible to the standards within the Baby Gear industry. Having identified several sources of recycled plastics, we questioned: Can we develop the entire KAOS Klapp high chair from recycled plastics?

If wood supply in Europe was short, we sure knew plastic waste was a source that is flooded in this world.

We decided to invest everything we had – and more – to find out.

We dug deep in our pockets to start a new R&D project. We partnered with world leading players across disciplines that was willing to join our mission to disrupt the industry. And as we discovered the sustainable impact of developing the worlds first circular high chair, we were granted 2 Million NOK funding (app. 180 000 €) from Norwegian Retailers Environment Fund. Even though this only covered a fraction of the cost, we embarked on this huge project to realize our new idea.

Today, we couldn’t be more proud to prep for the launch of latest R&D project, and finally show you the results. A brand new version of our award-winning high chair, with the same timeless design, made entirely from recycled waste.

It surely has been worth the wait!

The new version of KAOS Klapp high chair will make our award-winning high chair available for a much wider target group with its lower price-point. And the sustainable impact will make a huge difference for the future.

Coming soon on pre-order. 
Delivery starts Q1 2024.