KAOS Klapp foldable high chair for kids

KAOS Klapp was extremely wanted around our dining table. After working with this chair for more than 4 years, you can imagine how thrilled we were to finally get it in place. Our kids are now the biggest fans, and so are we – Designer Ole Petter Wullum has done an outstanding job of combining smart functionality with practical and stylish design. There's really nothing like it.

The kids love it!

At home we have two KAOS Klapp high chairs, one for big sister (6 years) and one for little brother (3 years). The chair fits just as well to both of them without having to adjust anything. That’s the whole point, really – it lasts throughout the entire childhood without having to adjust.

Fixed step ladders

The fixed step ladders make it easy for the kids to climb up and down on their own. Kids never sit still, and the step ladders give the kids different options for how they want to rest their feet. And they get to vary their position during the meal, which is ingenious. Children of all ages (6 months to 8 years) find an ergonomically good sitting position in this high chair.

For little firemen

KAOS Klapp high chair is also very suitable as a small ladder when one needs to get up in the height. Mikkel is 3 years and uses it when he is going to wash his hands before dinner. The chair weighs no more than 5 kg, which allows him to move it around himself. The brilliant thing is that KAOS Klapp can withstand a load of 120 kg, which means that we adults can also use it as a little staircase. (The chair is actually tested to withstand a load of 230 kg).


We have a dining table that is 2 metres long, and when we have dinner guests we need to remove the high chairs to accommodate more regular chairs. It is absolutely brilliant that KAOS Klapp is foldable and can easily be removed. The Klapp high chair builds no more than 13 cm when folded. Soon there will be a separate hook available so we can hang it neatly up on the wall. Very practical when you have to sweep up under the table (something that needs to be done several times daily in our house).

Fully certified high chair

KAOS Klapp high chair has replaced both Tripp Trapp and Ikea’s plastic chair. KAOS Klapp is a fully certified high chair and can easily be brought to the cabin, on birthdays and on holiday. It takes up no space when folded and weighs only 5 kg.

It’s simply brilliant and WELL worth the long 4 years of hard work.