KAOS Klapp + Tripp Trapp: two design treasures for your kitchen

Many have grown up with Tripp Trapp's highchair, including ourselves. Tripp Trapp was launched in the 70's and has become an icon representing Norwegian furniture design and is perhaps one of the best known highchair in the category. Tripp Trapp is an aesthetic and functional child seat that grows with the child. Why would we still make KAOS Klapp highchair?

Much has changed since the 70's.

When we became parents for the first time we chose Tripp Trapp around the kitchen table because we had had Tripp Trapp ourselves as kids, it was simply a nostalgic choice. So why did we really want to make the KAOS Klapp children’s chair? Well, because a lot has changed since the 70s. And when we were expecting child number two and had more experience as parents, we realized the need for a space-saving highchair. We wanted a high chair that could adapt to a more modern society and “compact living”, and after much research, we understood that the world needed the same. There was simply no stylish, foldable high chair that could be used throughout the entire childhood.

KAOS Klapp is approved as a full-fledged highchair according to European standard

We went in dialogue with a Norwegian product designer, Ole Petter Wullum, who took the challenge to design Klapp for KAOS. The project should prove to last over 4 years – to develop a high chair is quite a demanding task. When developing a high chair for kids there is an incredible number of requirements for safety one must pass. In addition, we worked hard not to compromise on either design or function – it was crucial to get the two premises to harmonize well together.

After some trying, incubation time and adjustments, KAOS Klapp’s was approved as a fully certified highchair in accordance with European standard, namely EN 14988 and EN 71. KAOS Klapp high chair was launched in January 2019 and has got an amazing welcome. We were absolutely stoked. It won “Best design” in a large test of highchairs in Norway right after the launch, and Design Milk named it the perfect highchair. Such an honor!

KAOS Klapp high chair is a chair that lasts the entire childhood

At the time of writing this, you can purchase a safety rail with a strap as an accessory. The safety rail makes Klapp high chair well suited for kids that can sit themselves – that is, about 6 months. Some have asked if we want to create a newborn set for Klapp, which means that even small babies will be able to enjoy Klapp’s highchair, and it is clear that we should – it is under development and is expected to be ready by autumn 2019. We are also launching a neat cushion that is reversible so you can use both sides of the cushion before washing it. Sweet thing 🙂

As soon as the newborn set is in place, Klapp will be a highchair that lasts from newborn age up to the age when the child no longer wants to sit in a child seat, about 6-7 years. KAOS Klapp high chair can be used the entire childhood without having to adjust either the seat or the step ladders, so here there is no room for incorrect mounting, which is an advantage.

KAOS Klapp comes fully assembled and flat packed in the box

KAOS Klapp high chair comes fully assembled in the box. You just have to unfold the legs and once you hear a “click” it means the seat is in locked position – it is ready for use. It is as easy to fold by releasing the lock under the seat.

KAOS Klapp high chair is foldable

If you need to bring the chair somewhere or want to clear it away, just fold it together by releasing the lock under the seat. When folded Klapp builds no more than 13 cm in depth and is easy to carry with its 5 kilos weight. This is a great advantage whether you need to remove it or take it on tour.

KAOS Klapp high chair is also brilliant at the cabin or at grandparents who cannot have a high chair in the kitchen at all times. KAOS Klapp can be hidden behind a door, under a bed or hang neatly on the wall with the belonging hook, Klapp Knagg, which we launched in April 2019.

Norwegian design and engineering

Tripp Trapp has managed to become iconic throughout the years, and we are so inspired by the Tripp Trapp journey! Since the launch of KAOS Klapp high chair some of the world’s largest design hubs have already predicted KAOS Klapp a bright future in the international arena. KAOS Klapp represents Norwegian design and engineering at a very high level. Clean lines, timeless design and smart functionality combined with high-quality materials and manpower from our manufacturer is what makes KAOS Klapp the only high you need in your home, generation after generation.

KAOS Klapp high chair is very robust. It has been tested for loading up to 200 kg, which means that an adult can easily use the Klapp, as long as the bum can fit in the seat.

When not in use KAOS Klapp is hanging discreetly on the wall. Even when our kids stop using a highchair it is very convenient to have a highchair available if you get little guests visiting. KAOS Klapp is completely out of the way when it is not in use, which is perhaps the biggest advantage of all of them.