KAOS x Røros Tweed – 100% Norwegian

100% Norwegian design, Norwegian lambswool, and Norwegian production. We have been looking forward since this summer to show you our first collaboration with Røros Tweed; Two gorgeous wool blankets for babies in fresh, gender-neutral, timeless colors.

100% Norwegian production

We have joined forces with Røros Tweed to develop a new wool blanket for babies in 100% new, Norwegian lambswool. KAOS design is stylish and timeless in fresh, gender-neutral colors that fit well in the home or on the stroller.

The rugs are produced in Røros which is located 600 metres above sea level. An unlikely location for a textile factory, you might say! But it has its story, and we are both humble and super proud to take part with our new wool blanketsM; The Mimmi and Mommo Baby blankets.

The blankets come in a limited edition before Christmas and are a lovely Christmas gift for someone you love. Order now, we deliver in 1-3 days.

100% Norwegian lambswool

KAOS x Røros Tweed Mimmi and Mommo Baby Blankets are developed from 100% new, Norwegian lambswool, the world-famous quality. This is a babyblanknet that warms in the winter and breathes well in the summer.

100% Norwegian design

Mimmi and Mommo Baby Blanket keep a stylish and timeless design. At the same time, they are modern, gender-neutral, and fresh in color. The baby blankets are designed to fit just as well in the living room, in the crib, and in the stroller.