Made by parents - for parents.

We developed the KAOS Weekend bag after we had children and experienced how challenging it could be to travel with kids. Now, many years later, KAOS Weekend Bag is still a lifesaver. Photo: Rebecca Rinaldi Photography

All parents can relate to the feeling you get when you sit on a plane, full of people, and then your child starts screaming incessantly. I’m afraid we can’t prevent such breakouts – but we can help you get easy access to everything you need – when you need it most! KAOS Weekend Bag ensures a better journey from A to Z.

Traveling with children can be really stressful, we know that. KAOS Weekend Bag ensures that you have control over things, so you can easily find what you need. Choose between 1-3 sections to get a full overview.

Some like to pack in one large compartment, while others want three smaller compartments. The great thing about KAOS Weekend Bag is that it is super easy to tie up and down the “sections”. They will never get lost, and you can adapt the interior to your needs from time to time.

KAOS Weekend Bag holds 40L volume and is hand luggage size. It is the perfect hand luggage to bring into the cabin, and in addition to the double zipper lid, it has an opening at the top that makes it easy to access the bag from all angles.

One thing that is completely impossible when traveling with children is to use a trolley case. You need your hands free to hold on to the children! That’s why KAOS Weekend Bag is worn as a backpack, so you can have the opportunity to hold on to more important things. It is comfortable to wear and you look smashing as well.

PS: KAOS Weekend Bag has a padded PC pocket at the back because we know that you will use KAOS Weekend bag when you travel alone as well.