New Mini-Ransel collection coming up!

There’s a brand new collection of Mini-Ransels on their way overseas, about to hit the stock. As usual – we let you pre-order at up to 30% discount as thanks for your wait!

This time we’re also launching a matching collection of Mini-Hipsters; bumbags for kids. They are so cool! And I gotta warn you; we truly believe these bumbags will be stolen and worn by moms as well. They prove to be the perfect place to keep iPhone, keys and credit cards and a lipgloss. Just saying.

In order to have the chance to snatch a Mini-Ransel or a Mini-Hipster at 20% discount – or a bundle of the two at 30% discount, here’s what to do:

  1. Be sure to follow our newsletter
  2. Wait for it. Within the next days we will send out an email with a secret link to our secret shop, or a secret code you can use. Be aware, though: there will only be a limited amounts available, so you gotta act fast once you get the email.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Pretty nerve wrecking! Stay tuned, lovely parents.

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