As we began to design KAOS Endeløs, we realised the full potential of our wall bars. And then the name came all by itself: KAOS Endeløs. The possibilities are simply endless, it can be built to your own needs.

And that’s an important point, cause you have to search long to find a more sustainable piece of furniture. It’s not just a wall bar, it’s bookshelves, desktop, hat shelf, shoe rack, clothes rack, drying rack, a funky headboard for your bed. It’s what you want it to be. Either with the accessories we have made or if you have the DIY skills to make it all yours.

KAOS Endeløs wall bars can be mounted in infinite many formations, with as many modules as you want. Here we have put together two modules from the horizontal set up and snapped on textile shelves and storage bags in textile. It makes the perfect bookcase!

wall bars

wall bars

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