Foldable high chair

NEW! Stylish foldable high chair 2020

A foldable high chair that is stylish, sustainable and lasts the entire childhood? Yes, please!

After we had become parents we immediately felt an urge for a stylish, foldable high chair that would fit in our kitchens. For our first children, we had The Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs. It was the only one we could like plus they are flooding on the second-hand market, so it was feasible to snatch a used Tripp Trapp from Finn.no.

But as we had our child number two, we started searching for a foldable high chair. Having two Tripp Trapp chairs was just too much in our kitchen, they took up too much space and were heavy and “lumpy” to move around the house. Not happening.

However, we couldn’t find a stylish high chair with a foldable function, that would last the entire childhood. So we decided to make one. Easy? Not at all. It took more than 4 years to develop KAOS Klapp, and it took a little army of engineers to nail it. The good news is: We nailed it. KAOS Klapp is probably the world’s most stylish, foldable high chair that is suitable throughout childhood, for kids from 6 months to 6 years.

KAOS Klapp foldable high chair was announced best in a test of premium high chairs, and it won the best design in Norway’s largest test of high chairs. It’s not only beautiful, but it is also highly functional.

Another great advantage is that KAOS Klapp foldable high chair comes ready assembled in the box. All you have to do is open the box (that is delivered free to your doorstep, btw) and it’s ready to be used.

You can get various accessories with your KAOS Klapp foldable high chair. Kids from 6 months need to use the Safety Rail, it provides stable support and a good seating position for the smallest ones. There is also a cushion set available, and we’ve made sure the cushion set fits both with and without the Safety Rail. No need to buy two sets, one set will last the entire childhood. The cushion set is convertible plus has a waterproof coating, so it1s super easy to keep clean. It can even be machine washed.

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