It feels great to make a difference

From September-December KAOS reduced 6008 kg CO2.

Check this out! Our first AION Climate Report is ready! We launched the recycled Klapp Accessories in September’22, and by December’22 KAOS contributed to reduce CO2 with 6008 kg. That’s nothing but the beginning of something fantastic.

To be precise, from September’22-December’22, we recycled a total of 1764 kg of post-industrial fishnets into beautiful accessories for Klapp high chair, which translates into preventing 1764 kg of plastic waste ending up in landfills, and as ghost fishing. 1764kg! Imagine that. And you, our customer, should take great pride in this as well. Together we are making a difference in this world, and that just feels great, doesn’t it?

The return rate of used items back to AION is still 0, given the long life span of the accessories it will take some time until we need to recycle the accessories into new products. However, we have received pawned items back from our end customers, in cases where the baby has outgrown the Klapp Babyseat, for instance. These pawned items were sold during our Yearly Second Hand Sale recently, in January.

This is a great start, dear friends. We are making a difference. And we can’t wait to reduce CO2 with more tens of thousands of kilos moving forward. We hope you take great pride in this as well, thanks for choosing KAOS – you are creating impact!

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