Out of reach, out of risk.

Before the KAOS Klapp Chair even existed, one of my kids managed to climb up on his sister’s high chair that we had at that time, while I was putting away the dishes. Then he fell.

It was 2017. My son was 2 years old and we had just finished eating. I turned around to put the dishes away, and before I knew it my son had managed to climb up to the top of the high chair that (I thought) was shoved into the table. I assumed it was out of reach for him. I was wrong.

Climbing on high chairs without supervision is in fact one of the main risks there is when it comes to high chairs. And being part of the statistics, I know how easy it is for this to happen. Luckily, everything went well with my son, though it was a frightening experience for all of us. We learned our lesson and always laid the chair down after that when it was not in use.

Out of reach, out of risk

As a mom, my all-time favorite feature with KAOS Klapp high chair is that it folds and is super easy to put away. And I do. I either hang it up on the wall with the neat Klapp Hook, or I simply put Klapp away. When folded, Klapp doesn’t take much space at all and is easy to hideaway. Out of sight. Out of reach, out of risk.

Therefore, Klapp or not: All high chairs should be put away when not in use. Better safe than sorry.


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