Earth tones is a big trend going forward and we are madly in love with ​​combining warm tones, natural materials, simple lines – and a hint of playful details.

Natural elements in the home help us find peace. And if there is something parents need, it’s peace 😛 So this is definitely a trend for us.


Surrounding ourselves with green plants are not only beautiful, but it’s also healthy. “Greenhouse interior” is already a trend for the most eager ones with the greenest fingers, while most of us won’t manage to preserve many plants for a long time. A few plants do more than well and if you choose the ones that need the least water, they will live long and give you and your house a lot of joy.

Warm tones

Terracotta, sand, peach colors. Warm tones embrace and soothe us. They are beautiful as details in a room or as the main color on the wall. They can be combined in different shades to blend beautifully with each other or mixed with complementary colors to stand out elegantly. A tender green color, for example, is absolutely beautiful against warm tones. Our latest addition to the Klapp family is Pale Peach. This will be a beautiful center around the table, adding the lates trendy color to your kitchen.


Playful elements and details catch your attention. Decorate with fun designs and surprising details to add more life to the warmth. To be honest, when you have a home for kids, playful details are a must! KAOS Samlesak in yellow/pink adds a vibrant touch to the room and goes beautifully along with Klapp Pale Peach.

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Let me know when Klapp Pale Peach is available.