Recycled - pawnable - recyclable!

Klapp Babyseat and Klapp Tray & Safety Rail 2.0 derives from recycled fishnet. They can be pawned back to KAOS – and recycled up to 9 times.

On a mission to reduce plastic pollution

When we launched KAOS 8 years ago, we were determined to set a new standard of baby products. Put simple: We think it’s weird to develop baby products without truly caring for the next generations future. To reduce plastic waste has been a mission of ours since the beginning. for instance, all KAOS backpacks are Repreve certified, made from recycled PET bottles that comes from consumer waste.

The problem

Following our mission to reduce plastic pollution, we wanted to disrupt what accessories for high chairs are made from. The industry standard is 100% virgin, fossil plastic. Can you imagine the massive volume of such items flooding around already? It’s horrifying. There exist no circular economy for these items, so accessories for high chairs contribute to increasing the plastic pollution in the world. This has to be adressed, and we want to do something about it.

Recycled accessories

We have spent 2 years researching on recycled materials to identify a proper material mix that is compatible to all given European standards in terms of chemicals and strength. KAOS is proud to be first in the world to offer accessories for high chairs made from recycled plastics from post-industrial waste: Klapp Babyseat and Klapp Tray & Safety Rail vol 2. derives from recycled fishnet, hence they are green of color. Due to this, they offset 40% less CO2 emission in production. That’s ground braking!

Pawn – and get a deposit

One thing was to identify a recycled material that we could use to prevent unnecessary volumes of more fossil plastics to be used in production. Another task was to ensure traceability and a circular economy for our accessories. Through our partner AION, we have full transparency and traceability of the raw material and the production. Due to this, we are able to offer pawn on the recycled Klapp accessories. This way we can continuously encourage our customers to help prevent plastic pollution: instead of ever throwing the accessories to the bin, we are offering a deposit to customers who rarther send the Klapp accessories back to KAOS.

Learn all about how the pawn & deposit works here

Recyclable up to 9 times

Once we receive pawned items back from our customers, we evaluate the item and either clean them for second hand, we can repair them if needed, and should the item be broken, we can recycle the material up to 9 times before the material starts to loose its properties. Each item has clocks with unique information that will ensure that the materials are recycled in correct batches, which the recycling machines are able to read and sort items according to.