Klapp 2.0: Preparing for the USA

KAOS is growing and Klapp is being developed

At KAOS, we know the value of never stopping developing. Life is dynamic, and so must we be. Therefore, we adapt when we have to, and we are able to adapt quickly. This is one of our great advantages: KAOS is a fast mover.

We are experiencing increased demand for KAOS Klapp outside Europe, and that means that we have to work towards getting KAOS Klapp certified as a high chair also outside Europe. For example, we want to make our high chair available to customers in the USA. In the USA, there are slightly different requirements for high chairs compared to standards in Europe today.

Necessary adjustments

As soon as we have Klapp Newborn and Klapp Tray finished produced and on the market, our goal is to get KAOS Klapp in its entirety certified for the US market. We have already started the process, and from September / October we will implement the following changes:

  • The chair legs of the Klapp high chair will have an even wider angle when the chair is folded out (4 cm wider)
  • Each steps become 2 cm deeper

In addition, our supplier of lacquer has developed new components in its products that we have begun to use in our production. The new lacquer gives a slightly “cooler” tone, which, for example, prevents oak from becoming too yellowish over time. That is, natural wood will always be affected by UV and sunlight only by standing in a room, even if it is not directly exposed to sunlight. But the new components are designed to withstand UV rays even better.

The above changes are gradually being put into production, and from September 2021 we will gradually roll them out. And thus, the Klapp high chair will appear with a slightly wider angle, slightly deeper steps, and a somewhat “cooler” tone in color.

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