Press release: KAOS introduces pawnable babygear

Norwegian brand KAOS is the first in the world to produce pawnable children's equipment from recycled marine waste. The products can be pawned and recycled up to nine times.

Maritime waste going astray is a major environmental problem and damages marine life. For example, the material in fishing nets is durable and has a long life, and lost fishing nets can lie on the seabed for many years while continuing to catch living things that suffer a painful death. In collaboration with Aion by Aker BioMarine, KAOS is now the first in the world to use recycled marine waste in design products for children.

When KAOS started to develop accessories for their high chair KAOS Klapp, plastic was a natural choice. But to ensure that KAOS products do not become part of the growing plastic problem, KAOS wanted to focus on giving existing plastic resources a circular life.

AION works to give new life to the plastic that already exists and thus both reduce the demand for new plastic AND reduce marine waste going astray.

We think it’s very exciting to work with a company like KAOS that dares to think of new things and takes its responsibilities seriously, says Ømjer Hjeltnes, Chief Growth Officer at AION.

It is generally challenging to work with recycled plastic because the quality of the raw materials varies greatly. Children’s products have high requirements for certifications, and there is a very low tolerance for the variation of, among other things, chemicals and strength/stiffness in the materials to be used. AION ensures both quality and traceability of the raw materials, and thanks to this the accessories for the Klapp high chair can be recycled, and the quality of the raw material allows up to nine times recycling before the material starts to lose its properties.

The project with KAOS shows that if the will is there, it is possible to find much better solutions for the environment without compromising on either design or function. It has been challenging at times, but that is also how it often is with innovation processes: It requires hard work and effort, but when you reach your goal it is clearly worth it”
– Ømjer Hjeltnes, Chief Growth Officer at AION

“We think it is strange to produce products for children without at the same time taking the best possible care of their future. That is why KAOS is taking on new paths, and although it takes time and is very demanding, it is absolutely necessary. KAOS will lead the way, and as we now find new solutions, we will invite the entire industry to join in so we can create the greatest possible impact – which the world needs. ”
– Gineline Kalleberg, co-founder KAOS

Norwegian brand KAOS was launched in 2015 by Gineline Kalleberg and Mette Bordal Hansen. KAOS operates in the sweet spot where timeless fashion meets parents functional needs. Through sustainable innovation, KAOS is leading the way in its category, aiming to set a new standard not only for likeminded parents, but for an entire industry. 

KAOS currently consists of 4 employees at their Head Office in Oslo, Norway. The team manages the entire value chain, from production to distribution, and operates a global network of manufacturers and sub-suppliers, mostly in Europe and Scandinavia. KAOS textiles is currently manufactured in Asia where KAOS finds the best machines and technology for premium, recycled textiles.

More info?
Please contact Gineline Kalleberg, CMO/Founder, +47 99366282.