Red Dot to KAOS Endeløs

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design, and design concepts. The Red Dot Award is a yearly event to honor the best of The best og international design. We're proud to announce that KAOS Endeløs has won Red Dot in Product Design 2021!

Ribbevegg Red Dot

Children of the 80's

When we grew up in the ’80s, we had a wall bar mounted in the basement. It was a kind of gym/playroom, and the memories sit well; The wall bar was very much climbed on, it was a great motivation that encouraged indoor activity. But when we got bigger and did not think it was exciting to climb anymore, the wall bar was useless.

20 years later we had our own children and inspired by our own childhood, we started looking for a wall bar for the home. We wanted to give our kids the same opportunities for indoor activity. As designers, we looked at the wall bar with new eyes – a wall bar is so simple and so iconic. We immediately saw potential in the wall bar that we had a great need to try out; We wanted to give the wall bar a long life by thinking modules for the sake of reuse, and we wanted to make essential accessories that gave our wall bar completely new properties. Last but not least: we wanted to let the wall bar become part of the interior, not something that was reserved for a gym.

Ribbevegg Red Dot

Clean lines, timeless design

The aesthetic expression is important. KAOS Endeløs is designed to fit into the home, with clean lines it blends naturally with the rest of the interior. The ribs as such are iconic and offer many ​​possibilities. We use European Ash which has a bright and Scandinavian look, and the modules are connected with custom made brackets in white fiberglass. We have obtained a patent for the way in which the modules are connected; 3 components are attached to the wall with one screw. The screw is, by the way, brass-coated and beautiful in itself.

Ribbevegg for barn

Wall bar for children

KAOS Endeløs is meant to be a wall bar for children. It has been tested for 100 kg load, so an adult can use the wall bar as well. But the ribs are completely round and provide a perfect grip for children’s hands. There are no sharp edges. Children can climb with a great feeling of mastery! Children develop gross motor skills when they climb, so it is a great activity to be able to offer indoors.

Children can usually start climbing on a wall bar from the age of about 2 years. If you want a lower height on the wall bar while the child turns to climb, you can nicely mount the two lower modules first, it gives a total height of 120 cm. Then you can connect the third module when you feel the time is right, and you get a wall bar that is 180 cm tall.

Ribbevegg skrivebord

From wall bar to desktop

As soon as the child gets tired of climbing, or they start school and need a desk, you easily hook on the desk. The desk can be hooked at any height and is easy to take on and off. The desk therefore also serves great as a laptop table for adults, and lets you alternate between sitting down and standing up working.

Ribbevegg hjemme

Wall bar for the home

KAOS Endeløs modules and ingenious patent make it possible to rebuild the configuration of the modules to infinity. The modules can be connected both vertically and horizontally. The ribs themselves are flexible and are tough to hang both S-hooks and flower pots on. With tailor-made storage bags, you can make the most of the space. Use KAOS Endeløs as a bookshelf or as a storage unit in the hallway. It takes up both little space and has a large capacity – and is just as nice in the living room as in the children’s room.

The team

We teamed up with recognized product designers and the mighty good people at Permafrost to create KAOS Endeløs. Nothing but a dream team! We love working with Permafrost so I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more collaborations between us in the future.