Molds are in place - Production is next.

The Tray + Rail will be ready in July, shipping will start in August – but unfortunately, the Klapp BabySeat has just got a little setback.

The molds for Klapp Tray, Klapp Safety Rail, and Klapp BabySeat were successfully delivered to our manufacturer in Sweden this week. A true milestone, I can tell you! We’ve been waiting for this and could not be more relieved.

The Tray and Safety Rail will hit production already next week, and what remains before you can start ordering is for us to take the proper product photos for our website. So basically we are waiting for the first zero-batch (which is what we call the very first line of items-out-of-the-mold) to be ready and shipped to us so we can snap some pics in our Studio.

The mold for Klapp BabySeat has also arrived and is safe in place with our manufacturer in Sweden. However, we have met another obstacle that we did not see coming: The cushion for the BabySeat failed a test and we need to find a new textile for the cushion. Trust me, once we knew we dropped everything and within 1 hour we had 3 manufacturers around the world looking for new textile options for us. And we’re currently waiting for more laboratory test results for these new textiles before we can move on with the BabySeat. Man, how frustrating. We wanted to use textile made from 100% recycled polyester, with no harmful chemicals. But it turns out we can’t do that, the recycled textile fails the test. This really came out of nowhere, our textile manufacturers did not see it coming either. Anyways, we’re doing everything we can to fix it, and though we can’t use 100% recycled textile we are looking to find the next best option – and for the future, we will keep pushing to set new standards. Eventually, it will be possible to use 100% recycled textile, just not yet.

So, to wrap it up:

Tray + Rail will be ready by July.
BabySeat: To be continued. Crossing our fingers we get positive test results for the textile so we can speed things up. Everything else is ready.