Yesterday we received this picture from the Danish Technological Institute. They have now assembled KAOS Endeløs wall bars and are ready to do testing for certification. So exciting! We’re so excited we feel nauseous and we pray to God that this goes smoothly.

We have received their first input so far:

“Extremely smart and beautifully designed product!” For all it’s worth it’s a good thing 😛 I can also add that they managed to assemble KAOS Endeløs without instructions, we simple haven’t managed to make that yet. Anyways, it underlines the fact that the patented method for assembling we have developed for KAOS Endless Wall Bars is easy to use. Hurray!

Now it remains to see whether we are compliant with all the requirements to reach the certification. If everything goes smoothly, bulk production begins in 2-3 weeks. If there are any points to adjust after the test has gone through, we simply have to adjust.

Crossing fingers, folks!
Meanwhile it’s possible to pre-order KAOS Endeløs. Half of the first bulk is already sold so don’t snooze. Expected delivery if we sail through the certification without any shore in the sea is May / June.